Babaji said that happiness comes through service

by Kharku


Babaji taught us that we can make a difference whatever we are doing whether it is sweeping, running a business, teaching or whatever. If we truly put our hearts into what we are doing it positively affects the world around us. When you make a positive difference to another person’s life, you remember it all your life, and it’s the adding up of all these positive effects that brings richness to our lives.


All day in this world we might be confronted by negatives and confusion whether it is the news, rudeness, a honking horn in traffic and you may not be aware but it shocks your being. We don’t get enough positives to counteract this harmful energy. We need to be gentle and forgiving with each other as we are all suffering under the burden of this harshness. Every time you truly listen to another, experience another, you create a positive vibration. Babaji said that every rock moved in Haidakhan affected the whole world. He meant this…the vibrations we put out affects the world around us. Western science is based on light and Eastern science is based on vibration including sound.


Munirajji said shortly before he passed, that fear/anxiety has become the all pervading energy in the world today. The rich worry about the economy, the poor about food, and families worry about society, war and climate change. Everybody is waiting for something to happen, the whole world has become apprehensive – it’s an all pervading feeling. Only after whatever will happen does happen, then this fear will be lifted. Knowing this, we can make a difference by seeking out and concentrating on the positive. The Jai HO gathering for younger people is a positive light in our Babaji family. With 30+ years since Babaji left his body some older ones feel confident to share positive skills and stories with these younger people who are growing up in this worrying world.

We should take every chance to make a difference.

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