Babaji instructed us to serve humanity and community

by Marli


My interpretation of this is to recognise that everyone has individual gifts to offer and it is our duty to share those gifts with others in a selfless manner.  Some may use their gift of music to bring joy into people’s hearts, some may bring and share knowledge to open people’s minds, some may possess deft hands or intuitive gifts and use them to heal people… We all have something to offer others in order to unite us.  When we love each other and serve each other, without any selfish motive, we collectively move infinitely closer to God. In my day to day life in my community and at work, I try to remember that if you can lighten someone’s day, do something to make someone laugh or smile, or engage someone on more than a cursory level, even if it’s only for a moment, it can change everything.  It can affect everyone. I have heard many stories of Babaji encouraging playfulness, and understand that this is as equally as important as being disciplined. I am not particularly talented at any one thing but to bring someone to smile or laugh is the best way I can serve. I believe everyone has something to offer, no matter what it is – all that matters is the intention to affect another person in a positive way.”

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