Helping Others

by Alok Banerjee


I am very happy that the Journal has covered this subject of Service for this edition because I feel it is a very important aspect of our work which Babaji has left us. In most of His teachings He talked about reaching out to needy people and do service for humanity. Humanity is a large concept, but He said that you should visit the homes of needy people and try to serve them according to their need. Service can be done in many ways, even by saying a small prayer for somebody who needs help. It is about reaching out to the community, whether the community needs practical, medical or education help. Babaji used to serve these schools here in Haidakhan area; there are so many schools here. He supported the education of the children of His community, giving books, clothes and money for scholarships so that they could progress and settle and do well themselves. He started this small hospital here in Haidakhan in a humble way, to serve the whole community; there is no other medical help here. The nearest medical help for local people is in Haldwani. You all know that during Munirajji’s time we have established a large hospital in Chilianaula to serve the very poor Kumaon region. It is one of the best facilities in this region. Old people now live alone away from traditional family support as their children leave. So there are many ways that we can do community service. Please try to do whatever you can.


Q: Can you tell me, for example, one example from your life?


A: I have presided over one organisation in my community in which I help motivate people to serve. We try to find out who needs help, like somebody needs dialysis, or another is suffering from cancer. We cannot do this in a very big way but at least we can make a little start, we can help them, we can encourage them or we can take them to a good hospital. Also I try to encourage through the Samaj. I’m not sure if I can do much but at least I keep on trying to help people through the work of the Samaj.

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