Service at Kamalaya, Thailand


Jamuna speaks on “How Babaji inspired my Service”                                   

“From the first moment I met Babaji I became focussed on inward practice. He had me in a very Yin role: I had to stay by his side and yet keep centeredness inside to anchor and ground myself. Normally I have been a very excitable person, so this was a gift as I learnt to see and observe things. It felt that on leaving him we were going to be facing great difficulties in our world.

I had always desired to be a doctor or healer and I asked Him if I should finish my studies. He said yes but was not very open about this. I wanted to offer positivity and goodness to humanity. My vision was tiny at that time. Eventually the vision grew through working on myself, that I could be a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner or herbalist. I felt that one to one work with patients was my vehicle. It was the connection to the other that enthused me. I would learn and teach about, say, menopause. I was happy with the idea of a small clinic. But something began cooking inside of a bigger project: a clinic for ayurveda, massage, TCM, etc. The vision grew to the idea of a Health Centre in Kathmandu. So Kharku and I began to create the idea of a gathering point, a resource point – a common place with a garden and a café and with these health services all in one place. Kharku asked me “Would you one day like to create such a place?” I answered yes but as long as it wasn’t an ashram! For me, ashrams without the Guru often don’t grow and we wanted to reach people – touching one person at a time. Then like an electric shock this would become a cauldron of transformation for others. Babaji filled me with this, it’s very simple: I am an igniter. I could have done community work or been in a monastery or raised funds for charities, but none of these seemed as important as touching each person one to one. So Kamalaya takes me right back to what Babaji taught me. “


Ramachandra writes: Serving the wellbeing of all 100 guests and the 350 staff here, Kamalaya is a sanctuary of tranquillity. After one week de-toxing here I reached a level of peace and calmness inside myself that felt as if I was in a dreamland.  “Sawasdeekaaa….. Pradikaaa….”   the Thai staff are all so playful and authentic in their greetings and smiles. The service to my body and soul provided by the Kamalaya experience is profound.  The whole scene is an ideal of the most thoughtful and gentle Karma Yoga by the Thai people to assure that the guests restore their natural wellbeing and health of the highest order.


Kharku speaks: “We have assisted many families and put their children through school and right through university.  The money from our public events, concerts etc, all goes to charity.  We have learnt to have a positive relationship with money. We do have low season rates and we have some rooms that are less costly. Munirajji asked us not to have a permanent pujari and instead have many pujaris coming to help for 3 weeks to 3 months. We had an American Tibetan Buddhist monk here, he had become very ill and the Buddhist community was not helping him. “This won’t take long” he said as he expected to die soon. I  invited him in and he lived in our house for 14 months until he passed peacefully, and there was a Dutch party-animal who came here that we also helped to die, it felt as though Babaji had given me these jobs and we felt blessed to assist. I also remember how one visitor to Kamalaya adopted an older pujari here and arranged for her to have new knees. Everything here feels like a blessing”.



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