Shri Shastriji

Shri Shastriji:

“When we pray to the mother, we say:

‘My mind and intellect are the Parvati-element (essence of the Divine Mother). My breath (or prana) is my friend who is always with me. This building in which I dwell is my body on which I spend a lot of time, energy, and money to protect and maintain it. This, too, is worship of You. When I go to sleep, it is just like going into Samadhi. When I move about, it is like doing pradakshina (sacred circumambulation) around you. All sounds that come out of the mouths of living beings sing Thy praise. Whatever work I do, whatever action I perform, is worship of You, Oh Divine Mother.’

When this feeling is always with you, then you will possess real knowledge.   When the whole prayer recited above becomes A WAY OF LIFE, THEN THE WHOLE LIFE BECOMES AN ACT OF WORSHIP. Then gradually detachment from the material world takes place and attachment to the divine world begins and grows. (SAMSMARAM, p. 553).

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