Pooja Bhandar Shop by Vijay Bhatiani

by Vijay Bhatiani, Treasurer

The Pooja Bhandar Shop committee members Kirti Chand, Col Rana and Vijay Bhatiani met on 4th August to review the performance of the shop with regards to the decision to keep the Shop open 12 months a year at both Haidakhan and Chiliyanoula. Both the shops have performed considerably well during the period April-July 2016. We discussed how we can enhance the quality of sourcing of merchandise by Kirtiji and Col Rana, and help was offered by Veena Khanna and Khanna Sahib from Ludhiana.  The Pooja Shop is the only source of revenue for the Haidakhandi Samaj.

Please feel free to share your ideas about how to help the Shop increase its revenue to Vijay Bhatiani vjkumarbhatiani@yahoo.co.in



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