Shree Moti Bhagwan

by Shri Alok Banerjee

I am sad to inform you that MOTI BABA passed away this afternoon in Patna.  15th June 2015


Shree Babaji had designated him His ‘Official Barber’ and made him live in Haidakhan for many years and would send His devotees to Moti Baba for Mundan.



An ardent devotee of Shree Babaji, Motiji was ailing for some time now and was mostly living with his grandson in Patna and would sometimes visit his son Ghanshyam, living with us in Allahabad. His family say that he was over 100 years old.


Moti Baba had received initiation in Kriya Yoga and was also well versed in the old Hindu scriptures. Very often Shree Babaji would call him to recite the holy verses during the evening darshans. His passing away is a great loss to the Samaj and personally to me. We offer our deep condolence and sympathies to the family of Moti Baba and pray to Shree Babaji to bestow eternal peace to the departed soul.


Shree Moti Baba was born more than 100 years back (exact year is not known) in a village called Kushalpur in the Patna District of Bihar (India). Since his early years he was of a religious nature and would do his sadhana in a Devi temple in his village. He would do regular readings from the Holy Scriptures like the Gita, Ramayana and the Sundar Kand. In his village he would advise everyone to always sing in praise of the Lord.

After his marriage he shifted to the village of his in-laws, called Bandh Rasulpur in district Nalanda in Bihar. Here he was initiated in Kriya Yoga by Shri Shankar Baba, who was a devotee of Maha Avatar Baba. He and his wife Patna Mataji and son Shri Mritunjay Babu built a temple in Patna dedicated to Shree 1008 Haidakhan Baba and still maintain it with regular puja & aarti.   In the year 1973 Shree Moti Baba had darshan of Shree Babaji in Haidakhan and ever since came under His shelter and served Him till his last days. Shree Babaji designated Moti Baba as His official Barber and would call him by different names like ‘Moti Thakur’, ‘Moti Baba’ and ‘Moti Bhagwan’. He was a pious and gentle soul and served the Babaji Family by performing mundan.


On 15th June 2015, Shree Moti Baba passed away in Patna and forever went into eternal peace with his beloved Guru Shree Mahaprabhuji. The following two stories (published by Indravatiji and Munnaji in the book ‘Sansmaran’) from the life of Moti Baba speak of his ardent devotion and faith in Shree Babaji:

  1. “Moti Bhagwan, a long time devotee of Babaji, (‘official’ barber in Haidakhan, appointed by Baba) now in his late eighties, had a very frail and thin physical frame even thirty years ago. When Babaji was visiting Bihar on one yatra, Moti was always around catering to His every need. As was usual with Babaji’s presence, many people had gathered around Him. Suddenly Babaji informed Moti that He wished to leave. Moti was still asking himself how they could possibly walk out of such a large crowd, when Baba simply jumped onto his back and urged him to run. Goodness! How was he going to carry Baba’s full weight on himself like this? Just as the thought crossed his mind, Baba – to his amazement – became light as feather, weighing as much as a small child!   Moti carried Him piggyback all the way to where He wished to go “
  1. “Someone reported against Moti Bhagwan to Babaji. Moti was ordered to be brought in front of Him immediately. While berating Moti with words, Babaji picked up a stick and began to beat him with it. But, in Moti Bhagwan’s own words, the beating was as if someone was touching him with a feather. There was not only no pain, there was not even the slightest feeling of discomfort.





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