Mantras from the Vedas – Meditation in movement

Maria-Gabriele Wosien (Malti is publishing a wonderful 60 page DVD-box, containing the book + DVD of the Mantras in Movement, in February 2016.

It includes 19 watercolour paintings by Babaji.

To buy (€25 or £20 +p&p) please contact: (Helen and Werner Dormann) and


I  Cosmic Landscapes – Images of the Soul: with Babaji Paintings


II  Aspects of Sacred Art

  1. Time – The Yugas
  2. Rishis
  3. Mandalas
  4. Mantras
  5. Mudras


III  Stage and Filming

  1. Gayatri Mantra
  2. Shanti Mantra (1): ‘Om Dyauh Shanti‘
  3. Mahamrityunjai Mantra
  4. Shanti Mantra (2): ‘Om Sahanau vavatu’
  5. Shanti Mantra (3): ‘Om Purnamadah’


IV  Steps and Mudras

All Five Vedic Mantras – Texts and Movements


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