Journal 13 Letters

From Sundar Baba (Schweibenalp),

Dear sisters and brothers.

Please receive my best wishes for the next year of work and joy!

I feel Babaji is very close with us and helping us in these difficult times for the planet and humanity. All of us are very protected by His grace and whatever will happen we are with the knowledge of being part of the Divine Being, Energy and Love – eternally and also independent of this body and incarnation, while we do our best here.


The two weeks around Xmas and New Year we had a full house of about 100 guests at Schweibenalp, coming and going, letting go and refueling for the coming year. It is a great pleasure to see, how they drink the spiritiual energy of the place loaded with Divine energy of Babaji and universal spirituality, peace and unity.  Only a very few of them were devotees of Babaji. Anyway, by communicating freely with each other and with nature, and through introspection and pujas, the guests experienced their authentic selves, and opened up to share love and receive love and let go of stress. Without exception they gave thanks when they left and we who live here as community members all know this opening up is the most natural and human way to be and live.  Thank you Divine mother, thank you Babaji.


I was personally very fortunate to have my entire family here visiting: my brother and his family, my children with their partners and in the meantime 4 small grand-daughters. What a grace and blessing by the Lord to see all this young life! For four days Gaby, Rob, Usha (and Stefano) were with us, our extended family since 30 years, a special treat and gift to all of us, as years ago we spent lots of time with each other when the children were small. There is so much deep bonding between all of us.   Rob, Gaby and I and our kids shared a lot, and also about Jai Ho and how important fellowships of friends are for the Babaji family, how meaningful our readiness to be there in this time for the spiritual family and to be able to encourage and support wholesome impulses.

We also shared our belief that inspite of the difficult situations on the planet in economics, ecology, religions, global culture, violence, injustice, wars…..inspite of the present strength of the holders of the ritual of hatred and war, greed, money accumulation and power etc…..our coming together for rituals of love through fire, arati, friendships, becomes even more important. We also feel that anytime a shift can happen for the good, an unexpected turn around with the help of the Divine forces.


As before I want to assure you of my strong feeling of support for Jai Ho, even though I am so occupied with several other projects. I am looking forward to our next Gurupurnima in Holland and hope our first Next Generation Gathering will have great success.




From Nila Caddy:     Happiness – the Core Teaching of Babaji


Happiness is like the Sun, it radiates out, wants to give of itself… Everyone who is happy likes also to make other people happy. Babaji kept saying to us again and again: Be alert ! Be attentive !    At the beginning of the path our emotional being, as well as our mental being, are generally filled up with a lot of plus and minus programming, until we get liberated from this by our own inner work and endeavours. We must become alert and learn to discern what makes us happy and unhappy. Om Namah Shivay! And always call for divine assistance to help us extract what pulls us down, all the anxieties etc. Through focus and inner devotion the certainty grows that God really does everything: moves our difficulties out of the way so that we can receive what we really need. With this certainty comes peace; happiness can bloom and increasingly fill us up. But even then be alert, for the human ego is deceptive and cunning.    ‘Overworked and under loved’ – who does not know this feeling ? “Work is love in action” (a Findhorn teaching). So if you work with love, you will never be under-loved, because you are in the space of Love. And that fills us with Happiness.   The loving partner, the true friends – boys and girls – the fulfilment of our heart´s deepest desires – all these are toffees given to us by God at the right time on our path, so that our trust in the Love and Grace of God increases. It is then that we begin to wander on this earth with Him as our best friend. Inspired by Him to do all actions, being his hands, his eyes, his feet with all our heart and full of Joy. That way we serve him, by doing good to all beings near and far, but not forgetting ourselves, for we are also precious to Him, and if the instrument is not fit we cannot fully serve with joy.


Thankfulness: if bliss is Heaven, gratefulness is the key to heaven. The small demons of dissatisfaction will never be satisfied, never have enough. Meanwhile the angels are living in happy thankfulness praising God in blissful joy, just like our soul is blooming through devotion to God. Our ego does not like to be devotional and cannot imagine God to be more intelligent than itself. It wants to control us with its presumptions, haughty dissatisfaction, criticism and judgements. But the Soul is waiting to be recognised so that it can take over the guidance for our being, and Babaji is waiting too….… and time is running out.

“We are all one with each other and with God.”



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