Journal 11 Letters

From Urmila in Germany:

“I want to make a suggestion to the Jai HO admin group, regarding the things mentioned at the end of the article on Germany: how to get support in overcoming the conflicts that seem to be constant and stuck. Would there be a possibility to develop a group of consultants, able in negotiating, supervising and clearing, people with psychological skills who are trained in facilitating group process and willing to do this in different ashrams – as karma yoga ? We had an excellent supervisor last year – a psychotherapist of the Ridhwa school – but he cost 2000€ and we can`t afford this every year. And the Haidakhandi scene has many good therapists.   Once a year or so we could have a weekend of group work or supervision together (whatever one calls it), with a group facilitator.

Maybe in addition we could arrange an exchange of devotees to help the ashram/Samaj groups.   Let’s say, the Dutch come once a year to Rieferath, and we Rieferathees go there once a year in order to share our specific experiences. People coming from outside can always bring a new point of view. When Muniraji was still alive, we as a group had the structure of a sort of hierarchic triangle, with the guru at the top, now we need to form a circle, with the divine as the central focus.

Please let me hear your opinion, Urmila”

(ED:   Jai Ho admin group will be responding to this letter and in the meantime we have sent Urmila a document entitled: Helpful Communication and Conflict Resolution Practices).


Simple Conversation – from Lok Nath, USA:

“My particular encouragement for our time leading to Navaratri and Gurupurnima is the simple, familiar act of conversation. It offers the most hope for changing the world. Here is a quote from a great American teacher of leadership, Margaret Wheatley:    “I believe we can change the world if we start listening to one another again. Simple, honest, human conversation. Not meditation, negotiation, problem-solving, debate, or public meetings.  Simple, truthful conversation, where we each have a chance to speak, we each feel heard, and we each listen well.”


Kharku writes:   (regarding Helpful Communication and Conflict – Ed)

“I believe any and all help is useful for ashrams and other Babaji organisations.   At Kamalaya we have many meetings and workshops, it keeps us busy but we work through a lot of issues that continuously arise. We understand that if we don’t work on issues they grow more serious, regardless of belief and training.  Issues arise and dealing with them clears the air and makes everything more effective. We also make use of professionals plus in-house talent:  full-on 2-3 day workshops twice a year for all who work here. In addition Jamuna, MayaRam and I meet every week for several hours, and we also hold intensives for the 3 of us to discuss more personal issues. That being said, in an ashram, which Kamalaya is not, one has to obey the organisation’s rules of structure to be effective. Dealing with the world (laws, rules and practicalities) is a necessary component for a community to thrive.”


From Nila Caddy – on Babaji’s return in body:

“It’s lovely to hear that the Autumn Navaratri in Chilianaula was so good. We also celebrated it here in Daisendorf, Germany. But after Navaratri Babaji appeared ! Three times at 5am there was a powerful banging on our front door, but nobody was there. In a day-dream I found myself in Herakhan and Babaji appeared from top to toe in an unbelievable radiant white light. His hair though not long was intensely black. He went into a tent which was covered in blue/green blankets. I dared to enter too. He sat there with a few people in a circle around Him. My neighbour introduced himself and Babaji said: “This is Nila,” very lovingly.   ……. After this radiant and so happy an event, I feel and trust that Babaji will soon appear for everyone.   In gratitude and with love, Nila.”




Banduk Singh

In loving memory of our Guru Bhai, Banduk Singh, who left the body last November. He was with Baba, and was a great karma yogi, known and loved by many. He was actually very special to many of us. His family are bringing his ashes to Haidakhan next month.

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