Next Generation Gathering – July 2017

Gurupurnima was preceded by a joyful and harmonious Next Generation Gathering from 1st to 5th July at Rieferath ashram, attended by 18 young participants and 7 workshop facilitators. As Sundar said: we learned a lot from the new generation how the Babaji movement could grow into the future.

Group Photo big

Myra, Sarah, Durga and Bhaskar were unable to join in the group photo here because of child-minding and other commitments.

Workshops and discussions were held on a variety of topics including:

Somatic meditation, On Intimacy and Relationships, The Masculine and Feminine Within Us, Living a Mindful & Meaningful Life, Theory U, World Café process training, Aspects of a universal spiritual philosophy, and How to present Babaji and the teachings in a global contemporary way and language. 

Our third NGG will take place 20th to 24th July 2018 – just before Gurupurnima in Schweibenalp, Switzerland. To book:

Gurupurnima will last from the evening of Tues 24th to Sat 28th July 2018.

NGG is sponsored by Jai HO and therefore the cost of room and board for the five days will be covered by Jai HO. We ask a minimum donation of Euros 50 from each participant, and if you can give more it certainly helps.


  • Work in small groups

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