Next Generation Gathering (Holland 2016) Report

by Sundar


The question arose as to the succession situation regarding Babaji’s ashrams – who could take over as the founding devotees aged and retired?   So Jai HO decided first to address the next generation’s needs by putting on a programme to share skills and knowledge which might be relevant to their lives and spiritual paths. For the 5 days before Gurupurnima in Holland seven older devotees or ’elders’ ran a programme for 17 to 35 year olds.




For the past 45 years since the reappearance of Babaji, transmission and education to the devotees was either through a direct experience of the Shakti of Babaji or via Shastriji or Munirajji, plus a few others commissioned by Babaji to teach and inspire at specific moments or to a specific theme.  One of the characteristics of our sangha is the internal learning gained while practicing sitting at the fire, in aarti or doing our puja. As times are changing and Shri Babaji and Shri Munirajji have left their bodies, some of us older devotees feel that our sangha needs an additional impulse and encouragement.  This is the main task of those of us that have got together under the name Jai HO (Jai Haidakhandi Outreach). It is an idea to pick up such needs and seek their implementation for all who might be interested.

The Next Generation Gathering in Holland was a first experiment to see how young people who are drawn to Babaji, might receive and share experience and knowledge in fields not usually offered otherwise in day to day life.   Babaji’s teachings have always been very practical, so our course encompassed, as well as spiritual information on our practice (sadhana), also life skills which help us live the spiritual path in the everyday world. Examples of these life skills included mindfulness, spiritual enquiry, designing new cultures and communities, conflict resolution, and the world café technique which links ideas within a larger group to access the collective wisdom of the group.   This year we also included the topics: ‘How to understand and integrate Babaji and the teachings in a global contemporary way and language and for the next generation’ and ‘Aspects of universal spiritual philosophy, spiritual practice and poetry within the Haidakhandi Aarti’.  What is new for us Haidakhandis is the format of working together in a larger group, teaching skills and sharing our knowledge and experience. We feel that these are good ideas and tools needed in today’s world where knowledge can be transmitted more in a horizontal way, rather than the old system of the top down hierarchical way. We are attempting here to aid a contemporary manifestation of different aspects of the eternal path.   Jai HO is an impulse and atmosphere of sister/brotherhood, rather than a focus on the individuals who have inaugurated it. So the individual contributors can change.


Announcing the 2017 Next Generation Gathering in Rieferath Ashram, Germany for young people from 1st to 5th July 2017.

This will be followed by Gurupurnima at Rieferath from 5th to 9th July.


We understand that there are also some from older generations who are interested in attending a programme and in future years we hope to offer this. To keep in touch, visit the website



Pujari said about the Next Generation Gathering:   “To have the ‘elders’ and younger generation come early to our ashram for the Next Generation Gathering seemed to prepare the ashram such that whoever came to Gurupurnima stepped into a field of Light.  The Gathering created a tornado of love through the ashram – a few months before it happened there was a bit of fear and resistance from some in Holland, but it dissolved the moment the participants arrived.  I was impressed by the pure intention of all involved.”


Bhaskaranand:   “The Next Generation Gathering here at Sada Shiva Dham was a very nice energy.  I saw these young people ‘grow up’.  They had a very good time.  They were very willing to do karma yoga – they did not escape it !  The Gathering was a very concentrated group.


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