Message from Alok Banerjee


 Chairman of the Haidakhandi Samaj

“It is indeed a divine blessing that even during these troubled times around the world Shree Babaji is making it possible for the members of His Family to meet together and sing to His glory.

Gurupurnima has just taken place in Loenen, Holland, where over 250 devotees from across the world participated and offered their adorations to Shree Mahaprabhuji in great harmony with a feeling of togetherness, and this made the function a great success.   My grateful thanks and congratulations to the Dutch Samaj for organizing this wonderful function.

Following this a small group of Babaji devotees visited Sweden, after almost 20 years, for a very nice function organised by the Babaji devotees in Sweden under the leadership of Bo Wahlstrom – congratulations.

In addition, the German Samaj has organised the Bhakti Soul Festival in Rieferath where again Babaji’s devotees have assembled to spend a divine time together.

Thank you to all who made this possible.

Bhole Baba Ki Jai !

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