Chilianaula Navaratra October 2015 by Shri Sanjeev Sarna

  • Chilianaula Afternoon Lecture


With the divine blessings of Shri 1008 Babaji, I take immense delight in sharing this report of the Ashwin Navratra Celebrations 2015, at the Anandpuri Ashram at Chilianaula. The fact that the celebrations occasioned only peace, joy and love, is a testimony of the astounding hard work put in by the devotees and functionaries of the ashram. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked in the selfless spirit of karmayoga to make these celebrations so wondrously joyful. May Babaji fill each one of us with his divine grace.

 Shri Alok Banerjee, Chairman, Haidakhandi Samaj

The picturesque Anandpuri Ashram was abuzz with heightened energy as we entered the Ashwin Navaratras (13th to 21st October 2015). The freshly painted walls radiated a charged atmosphere: the work of visible and invisible Karma-yogis moving the proceedings forward seamlessly. The seemingly effortless proceedings were the culmination of countless hours of effort put in by the ashram residents and staff. Babaji’s grace descended upon several new young devotees who added to the charm and magic of these sacred celebrations. As always, the numbers of devotees kept growing each day. The Ashram had to borrow rooms from the Ayurveda facility to accommodate them. Many were already staying in nearby guest houses. The celebrations were enriched by devotees from Russia, Germany, USA, Latvia, Bulgaria, UK, Greece, Romania, Holland, France, Ireland, Slovenia, Egypt, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Canada, Hungry and Korea. From within India, devotees came from Jammu, Bombay, Bihar, Rajasthan, Ludhiana and Southern India.


The morning chandan & arti was sublime; the paduka and devi pujas were warm; the Saptasati & havan were intense. The bhandara was indulgent. We built-up to the devi bhagwat ushered-in Babaji’s padukas and crescendoed through the bhajans accompanied by passionate dance at night. It was all a miracle of divine orchestration: what we call ‘Baba’s leela’. We have all been through it a number of times, but still it always feels as if it was happening for the very first time. We never know what to call it – his love, his grace, his kripa… Bhakta vatsalta tumhari kaun hai nahin janta, par bhakt main to hoon nahin yeh satya hi main manta !     There were old kirtan singers singing alongside the new, with the old dancers dancing with the new. As Udaybhai put it so well: “the rising up of a Spiritual discotheque.” There were all kinds of dancing: our very own Devi performed an inspired traditional devotional dance; an impromptu Bulgarian belly dance performance from another devotee; and the joyous dance expressions from Bihar, Rajasthan; and finally, of course, the ecstatic rhythmic swaying of the seated audience – all were expressions of the divine choreography, all orchestrated by Mahaprabhuji, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhandi Bhagwan.

By Shri Sanjeev Sarna

“Unite in love to elevate yourself.   Each one of you must vow today to sacrifice everything to obtain oneness with yourself” – Babaji

Ashwin Navratras Report 2015 – pdf version – Click on it to see more

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