Chaitra Navratras 2017

Chaitra Navratras at the Haidakhan ashram – Spring 2017

by Sanjeev


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It started well on 27th March evening, when Acharaya Mayapati explained beautifully, the essence of the Navaratras: why we pray and invoke the Divine Mother for 9 days. This is primarily to awaken the power of our own pure intellect and wisdom to overcome the demons inside us, with the beauty of love – which is what we are in our pure state – beyond the self-created illusions of mind.     As we moved into the rhythm of the Navratra celebrations, we realised all that exists and is happening, is actually divine intelligence at play, and that we are merely nano-instruments of this divine lila.   We have to just plunge ourselves into the motion of things with truth, simplicity & love – that is our duty. We don’t have to concern ourselves with what is or what will be, it is all being looked after by Bhole Baba, our Divine Director, we are merely the part-time actors of his play.


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And everything drifted seamlessly and beautifully from very early morning to night and from one day to another. Everyone was automatically a small part of a well lubricated large machine, each playing a role – no role big or small – each role delegated to us by the divine operator, Shri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba.


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About 230 devotees from 38 countries outside India came to participate. Several old-time devotees were present, who had not visited for some years and they added gravitas to the proceedings. Innumerable younger devotees too were present and they took great part in karma yoga and taking on celebration tasks and responsibilities. Devotees also came in huge numbers from all across India – particularly from Rajasthan & Bihar filling the newly expanded ashram to bursting on the last days of Navaratri. The dormitories under construction behind the big white hall were not completely finished but were thankfully used to accommodate the huge numbers of joyful devotees. The new construction is otherwise proceeding well. Plans are afoot to build an activity hall on the top, with plenty of glass so as to enjoy the marvellous panoramic view all around. It will be useful for meetings, yoga and other activities in the future.


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One idea dawned this time more clearly than ever before: we are not at Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham, because we want to be here. It is Babaji who gets us here, when He wants us to be here.




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