A ‘Feed the Poor’ Bhandara at the Delhi Hanuman Mandir

bandara-firstWith the divine grace of our beloved Babaji, the Haidakhan Ashram launches a noble project: a “Feed the poor” Bhandara was started on the 1st of August 2016 at Hanuman Mandir, Connaught Place, Delhi. The Bhandara will be served at 12.30pm every day, seven days a week, throughout the year to eternity.  We fed 200 people on the first day and are sure this number is only going to increase, please feel free to drop by any day to see this good deed, also give us your valuable suggestions. If someone wants to volunteer to oversee the work as Karma yoga, all the better, no monetary help needed as a good philanthropic family has come forward for this cause.  Let us work together under the Samaj umbrella, for this good cause. This noble effort is being run by a long-time Babaji devotee and the funds are being provided by another generous devotee of Babaji.

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