A Cultural Heritage Camp of Foreign Students at Chilianaula

by Sanjeev Sarna

The Haidakhandi Samaj provided accommodation and food for 40 foreign students from different countries of the world to attend a Cultural Heritage Camp organised by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR), New Delhi. The group stayed at Chilianaula Ashram from 5th to 11th June 2016.   A commendable job was done by Dr SS Mishra, Pratibha and her team in planning and accommodating the guests. The group visited the temple and both the hospitals. Even though this was more of a cultural programme that a spiritual one, a talk by Col BS Rana on Babaji and His teachings and news of the various Babaji ashrams in India and around the world was delivered for two hours and they were fascinated. We were also able advertise our Ayurveda expertise and treatments. To honour the Ramadan period the eight Muslims students were provided with fresh food every day at 3.00a.m. During the week an evening celebration occurred when students from each country performed and played the music and songs of their country to the delight of everyone, who danced and celebrated together. These students were like 40 foreign ambassadors from different countries of the world (countries represented were Burundi, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Mauritius, Laos, Namibia, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Fiji, Yemen, South Korea and Nigeria). The Camp was successful and the interaction with foreign students was a unique experience.

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