Open Giving Site for donating to Indian Hospitals and Ashrams

Lok Nath writes:   ‘It has long been our shared privilege in the Babaji community to be a part of the healing that flows out of our Charitable Hospitals in Chilianaula and Haidakhan.  Because India does not have PayPal or other on-line and accessible donation system, we have had focused conversations about how to make donating easier and cheaper.  (When we make our single donations into the Indian Samaj account – the banks take quite a large slice each time).     Jai HO has researched how to transfer money to India the cheapest way, and via a charitable organization so that there can be no tax or money-laundering issues.

In this spirit we want to bring to your attention to the American Haidakhan Samaj, see: charitable giving system. It has an established PayPal account for donating to the Babaji Hospitals, Herakhan or Chilianaula Ashrams in India. Under the Join or Make Donation heading on the first page there is the following notice:  “You are welcome to make a donation at any time, and can earmark whether you want it to go to the Hospital or Ashrams in India…..” The American Haidakhan Samaj is a non-profit organization and it is not necessary to be American or live in the USA to make a donation for India using the PayPal system. If you are not a US citizen the PayPal receipt will be your documentation of the gift.  When designating your donation please complete the ‘Comments’ section on the form to state where you want the gift to go to.


Click on:

Where it says ‘Send to’, insert:

American Haidakhan Samaj
P.O. Box 20205
Seattle, WA 98102
United States

For any problems please email The American Samaj Treasurer:

Richard Cahall, – on:

( In the near future The German Samaj will offer the same system for donating from Euro countries – more info soon).

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