Renewed facilities for the Ayurvedic Hospital

In the last months a big overhaul of the Ayurvedic Hospital has taken place. As the years passed our hospital was in need of an upgrade to stay ahead of the growing competition. The deep benefits of Panchakarma and Ayurveda in general is reaching the entire world. With the quality of treatments our hospital was already in the top tier but now our facilities and structure are also of international standard. The extra benefit of this treatment centre being next to one of Babaji’s most beautiful and powerful temples creates a healing environment on all levels which is hard to match anywhere else.   Thank you to all who have taken part in helping it to this stage by your service or by being a client. Please come and enjoy the renewed facilities and spread the good news of what we have to offer now in Babaji’s name in Chiliyanoula.




Ayurvedic Hospital – Panchakarma Treatment Centre refurbishment

small-ayurveda-hospital-shirodhara-bed-bettersmall-ayurveda-hospital-bathroom small-ayurveda-hospital-rest-room

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