HI Journal 13 Editorial


What can we say !   Such an amazing variety of contributions to the theme.
It was Gayatridevi who suggested the theme for this Journal. She helped us realise the importance of an enquiry on ‘Who or What is Babaji today for us’. How we have come to understand his presence on this Earth?    How we have distilled our experience of him ? Many write that our awareness of his presence has shifted from his outer form to an inner feeling of love, oneness, inner beloved, and as Sundar writes: “Being One, Him being in me and me being nothing but Him….He is One and unified with many other divine beings and all aspects of the great collective”   So it seems that we all have a profound personal relationship with him still, an eternal Presence of the numinous in our lives.
style=”text-align: center;”>Om Namah Shivay.

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The now named Haidakhandi International Journal (HIJ) is published twice a year for each Navaratri time. It is edited and published by Rob and Gaby in Oxford supported by the Jai HO admin group and the Editorial Advisory Board of Alok, Gayatri Devi, Lok Nath, Raghuvir and Kharku.   Publication is on the website http://hi-journal.com/ administered by Mukundi in France, and also on the Indian Samaj website: www.haidakhandisamaj.org administered by Maheshanand in Holland.   The responsibility for the content lies with the Editors supported by their Advisory Board. However the Editors do not take responsibility for individual’s stories or articles. We often need to edit information sent to us for the purpose of shortening the length of articles or improving written English or presentation.


Please contact the Editors on   info@oxford-transpersonal.co.uk

Journal 14 will be published in September 2016 on the theme:

Service to Humanity/Service to our Community

– What are we doing as an organisation?

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