HI Journal 12 Editorial

Sarasvati Ma, Goddess of speech, communication, music, knowledge and divine inspiration ! With her attributes she stands right at the centre of our community through song, sound, mantras, scriptural texts and the way we communicate with one another through satsang.

So what new inspiration is happening in our Babaji family?   It seems that there is a mood for bigger questioning of our intent, and a clearer voicing of our struggle to relate our daily life in modern society with our Babaji programmes and ashrams. For example MayaRam’s and Lok Nath’s letters on page 38 throw up the issue of ashrams for debate. There are the questions being addressed by Jai HO and its attempts at inspiring new avenues of thinking and acting. Also there’s a new Bhakti/Kirtan Festival impulse. Finally, it has been recommended to the Editors that our next Journal theme should be: “WHAT IS BABAJI FOR YOU ?” For instance addressing the following: It has been over thirty years since Babaji’s Maha Samadhi and it would be interesting to know how we have come to understand His Presence on this Earth in the meantime.   What is Babaji for you? How have you distilled your experience of Him ?

There will always be those who lean toward progressive change and those to whom maintaining the purity of the original systems is paramount. In many situations in the world we have a pressing need to find a middle way that tolerates and embraces both of these points of view freely. So these big questions within our Babaji community need open debate and all voices heard.   This Journal is one way to do this.   After years of asking for letters to the editor, we are delighted that finally we have received some !  Write to us now with your thoughts and inspirations please.

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The International Haidakhandi Journal (IHJ) is published twice a year for each Navaratri time. It is edited and published by Rob and Gaby in Oxford supported by the Jai HO admin group and the Editorial Advisory Board of Alok, Gayatri Devi, Lok Nath, Raghuvir and Kharku.   Publication is on the websites of the Indian Samaj on www.haidakhandisamaj.org in book form, and in more open format on www.internationalhaidakhandijournal.com.

The responsibility for the content lies with the Editors supported by their Advisory Board. However the Editors do not take responsibility for individual’s stories or articles. We often need to edit information sent to us for the purpose of shortening the length of articles or improving written English or presentation.

Please contact the Editors on   info@oxford-transpersonal.co.uk


Journal 13 will be published in February 2016 with the theme:


Who or what is He for us today ?

Is He outside or inside or beyond ?

How have we distilled our experience of Him ?

Please send your letters, articles or experiences on this theme as soon as you can – latest December 31st 2015


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