“Attach yourself to God 

Be brave and always walk on 

There will be many mountains to cross 

But do not stop until the goal is reached 

Be strong and never feel disheartened.” 



News from Gurupurnima Holland – 15th to 20th July 2016 3-8

Next Generation Gathering and Life Skills Training by Sundar 9-10

Service to Humanity – Service to our Community 11-29

News from Around the World 

USA 30

Sweden 31

Switzerland (Schweibenalp) 32

UK 33

Russia (Zaluchnoe) 34-35

Germany (Bhakti Soul Festival) 36

Poland (Lanckorona) 36

Italy (Villa San Secondo) 37

News from India 

Message & Invitation from Alok 38

The Delhi Hanuman Mandir Project 39

The Girl Child Project 39

A Cultural Heritage Camp & The Pooja Bhandar Shop 40

Shri Babaji’s Charitable Hospitals 41

Eulogies for 2 of our family 42

Editorial 43

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