Play your part in life… by Gayatridevi

… but never forget that it is only a role.


I have recently been hearing about various personality conflicts in our Babaji family around the world which are preventing people from working together, and so I would like to share with you a few quotes that might be helpful in dissolving the blockages that our egos construct. I don’t think it helps to hear the different justifications for any rebellion, because the reasons are unimportant. What I do feel is vital is that we each make a commitment to question our stance, our thoughts and our projections, and be willing to look deeply into who or what is actually driving the bus !


Once you attribute your behaviour to a cause outside of yourself, you are caught in a trap, and I think we can all benefit from a reminder of the underlying truth of who we are, so that we might break free of the illusions that cause so much pain to our hearts. Real compassion can be born out of discord when we realize that we’re all in the same boat, constantly faced with the paradox of being in a semi functional human suit while at the same time being the divine totality itself.


The first quote that I wish to share is from a Course in Miracles:

“Beware of the temptation to perceive yourself mistreated.”


I love this and it has come in handy many times when I have been involved in a personal drama, because I always like to think it’s someone else’s fault. But this quote reminds me that the problem actually stems from my inability to see clearly! In other words, when the temptation this quote speaks of presents itself, if we could shift our awareness to noticing rather than reacting, we could then see the gift or possibility being offered and use the conflict as a doorway to higher consciousness rather than get trapped in the outer circumstances.


I think this is what Walt Whitman was pointing to in this quote:

“Have you learned lessons only of those who admired you, and were tender with you, and stood aside for you? Have you not learned lessons from those who braced themselves against you, and disputed the passage with you?”

I know for myself, it was really hard sometimes when we were building the ashram in Colorado to accept the decisions made by a majority vote, especially when they weren’t my preferred choices. We had to make the harmony of the group a primary objective, setting aside our personal agendas over and over, so that progress could be made. And now, when I look back, I am grateful to the ones who seemingly stood in my way. They helped me to realize that it doesn’t matter so much what the ashram looks like, but rather the spirit of unity in which it was built. When Babaji was in physical form, we all worked tirelessly in this spirit, out of love for Him, and this is the only way we will be able to progress in peace and harmony.


Here is another quote, this time from Paramahansa Yogananda, which for me is a crucial point to remember:


“Do not take Life’s experiences too seriously. Above all, do not let them hurt you, for in reality they are nothing but dream experiences… If circumstances are bad and you have to bear them, do not make them a part of you. Play your part in life, but never forget that it is only a role.”


In my experience, this is one of the direct teachings of Babaji, that we suffer only in as much as we are attached to this theatre and believing in the importance of our roles! He existed as the pure mirror of our divine nature, while at the same time reflecting that joyful hopelessness of the characters we all play. If we could see that this life, these positions, opinions and roles we often fight to uphold, the desired outcomes we strive to achieve, and the whole spectrum of emotions which arise, are no more or less important than what we were dreaming last night, then we could enjoy being in these human forms much more than we do, without turning everything into such a serious drama.


And this brings me to the last quote I want to share, by Denis Waitley:


“Life is the movie you see through your own unique eyes. It makes little difference what’s happening out there. It’s how you take it that counts.”


I want to end by saying that the divine in me truly sees, loves and honours the divine in you, no matter what the roles we hide behind !

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