Haidakhan Ashram Renovation Report – Feb 2015 – by Col BS Rana

The following waterproofing work has been completed: roof tops of office building, Russian building, Munirajji’s room, hospital building and Panchkarma building, to include newly constructed rooms. The re-surfacing of the passageway from the main gate to the Pooja Bhandar Shop is in progress. Tin roofing on Fakirabad building will soon be finished and the internal false ceiling would be started within a week. There is no change inside the rooms. Walls and floor will be of mud only. Project is expected to be completed some time before Navratri.


Raghuvir writes regarding Herakhan Ashram renovations : “There have been no donations since the last call for this and we are digging into the Samaj reserves to pay for this at the moment. Any financial contributions towards the upkeep of our beloved Herakhan would be highly appreciated.”   (Please see here for donating suggestion).


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