Raghuvir recounts a Story of Babaji


During a trip in Baroda, there was a bit of an awkward moment in the morning just before lunch, when a famous Indian bhajan player arrived and wanted to play something at Babaji’s feet.   Babaji came out and sat on the assan which was there prepared for Him. There were only 5 or 6 people around at that time. The bhajan player was a bit of a chubby fellow, well dressed in kurta pyjama. He was given a harmonium and his hands flew over the keyboard. I sat next to him.    In my mind I was judging him for his untimely appearance as well as his showing off on the keyboard.


Then he opened his mouth and started singing. The heavens opened and my heart stood still…………never have I heard something so beautiful. Sitting so close, I was completely stunned.   My mind was still and in awe enjoying this celestial voice and devotional expression. It was Anup Jalota.


Here is one beautiful bhajan from him, well worth looking it up:




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