Smoothing our Path by Raghuvir

After 4 or 5 months living in Babaji’s presence it became more and more clear that He knew everything about me. He knew my thoughts of past, present and future. Even the things hiding in the dark corners of my mind of which most of the time we ourselves are not aware off. In satsang with my brothers and sisters I understood it was the same experience for many people. I also heard that many were feeling guilty and uncomfortable that Babaji was able to witness the dark side of their mind.

Personally I experienced it as a relief to know that Babaji was looking at any proud, greedy, aggressive or sexually oriented thought etc. passing through my mind and still shower me with love and acceptance as I am. That realisation broke many boundaries – to see His unconditional love and acceptance. It also helped the seeing of self judgement (and others) of what is passing through the mind as not so important, but more as an indicator of the illusion of whom my mind thinks I am.

We often label somebody who is proud, egocentric, self inflating as full of ego.   But ego manifests just as often in the opposite way of feeling less, guilty, unworthy and not enough, thus ‪creating subtle boundaries in our consciousness for the full experience of Love of the Divine. Just being aware of this process inside of us does wonders to smooth our path.


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