Quote from ‘Fire of Transformation’ by Gaura Devi

Babaji_GauraDevi6 November 1981:

Today there is a huge crowd of people around and Babaji looks tired, irritated and He tells many of them that they should leave. I feel a heavy presence in the atmosphere, a chaos of energies which have to be ordered, cleaned, purified. When people arrive here they think that Babaji can solve all of the problems they have in their lives; I sense their intolerable level of suffering, it is apparent to me and the situation seems inextricable.

However, within two or three hours Babaji has changed the dynamics, making everybody work a lot at various tasks, not allowing anybody time to meditate or think about their personal problems. People have to move quickly, adapt their minds to the task in hand.

In the evening all the people are so tired that they can hardly move and Babaji smiles with amusement, because now people’s minds are in a state of surrender and He can begin His work. He works with the energy of the heart, directly, straight and powerful, cutting through everything. We have to come to terms with all our feelings, confront the darkest and most painful aspects of ourselves, which can be distressing, and become fully aware of who we really are. He promises us tremendous joy at the end of the journey, a joy emerging from His eyes, in all of His gestures and movements. He is sure of Himself, perfect, impeccable, strong, gentle and flexible, ever changing, totally free and spontaneous, the all.

Please keep Gaura Devi in your prayers.

Her health is not good now.


Why are you looking for me here or there ?

I Am the one who fulfils everything.

I breathe through your breath; I speak through your voice.

I Am the supreme creativity in you,

I sustain and support you.

I Am the one who walks with your feet,

I Am the great mystery of the sweet simplicity.

There is no place or particle in Creation

that my Fire does not penetrate.

I Am both, the seeker and the object of the search.

I exist from time immemorial and I will always exist.

Whatever path you seek, you will always find me.

I Am the way, I Am the wanderer,

the eternal flame and the Sun of the Suns.

I am who I am and I will always be.

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