Gurupurnima 2015 Satsang Stories

Beans mean God – by Luk Singh:

“When I was little my grandfather always said at the dining table: ‘Thanks be to God who created these beans’. So I always wondered as a child who is the God who created the beans ? Then many years later I was in Haidakhan and I asked Gaura Devi to ask Babaji this same question. To my surprise Babaji answered:   ‘That was me, 9000 years ago in China’.   So that’s how I knew Babaji was God !!



The Indian Election:I can change it if you want “     – by Raghu

At the end of the 1970’s Babaji was sitting in the garden with the villagers around him. Only with the villagers did he have real conversations. The national elections were coming up and the Congress Party running India had been corrupt since the British rule. The villagers knew the CP would always be ruling, so there was no point in voting. There was an agitated and alive talk with Babaji. He eventually said: ‘I can change it if you want’ The villagers had respect for him but two months before an election of 800 million people ?   Well, the villagers had their doubts. So Babaji said: ‘I will change this.’   He instructed that a flag for the Lokpal party was erected. (The Lokpal had 10% of the vote at the time). Babaji instructed everyone in the ashram to sit in turn around the flag and chant Om Namaha Shivaya 24 hours a day. At the time we were doing a lot of karma yoga, so three or four of us during the night for a month were groaning Om Namaha Shivaya, tired and bored.    Suddenly, during the month, corrupt cases in the Congress Party came on the news. The balance started to move in Indian society. But all the people sitting around the flag had no interest or enthusiasm for politics, there were no newspapers or radio in Haidakhan. Then at the moment of the elections, the Lokpal Party won for the first time in 40 years ! The congress party had been defeated. The Lokpal Party only lasted six months in power, but the line had been interrupted for the first time.



On Toilets and Two Babas – by Mahendri

My karma yoga was to clean the toilets while Baba was giving darshan at the temple. People did not clean up after themselves very well in the toilet, so I was getting angry about this.    Then one day there was diarrhoea everywhere around and under the sink area. I had had enough, I stormed up to Babaji and threw the mop down in front of him and said: ‘I refuse to clean the shit of others!’    But he bellowed at me: ‘Go do it !’ I submissively walked back to the toilets via the garden, away from the group around him. But then suddenly he is standing in front of me, blessing me in the garden. There are two Babas ! One blessing me in the garden and one giving darshan at the temple !  It was absolutely impossible that he could have walked and got in front of me.




The Bilocating Baba – by Gayatridevi

I also saw Babaji in a second body with my own eyes.  We were travelling around Gujarat in a big bus. While we were in Ambaji, at one point Babaji sat and gave darshan. I felt there was too much chaos with so many people pushing to get close, so I went away and sat alone on the steps near a small temple. I closed my eyes and said inside, ‘Baba, I’m so sorry but I cannot handle this’. When I looked up, suddenly there was Baba, coming out of the little temple all alone. He came straight to me and offered me His Foot, and I made pranam before He walked off. I swear there was no way He could have gotten there from where He was giving darshan. Later I asked my friends how long He had been away from the main darshan, and they said He had been there the whole time and never left!



Singing Love Songs – by Luk Singh:

I composed many songs in praise of Babaji and I would sing for him as I stayed on the Gufa side. I could just see across the valley Babaji’s small window. When I began to sing, he opened his window and when I stopped, he closed it again. This went on every evening for a month. But it was impossible that he could have heard my singing at that distance !



The Mother Murti of USA – by Ramloti

In 1986 we acquired the land in Crestone, Colorado and in 1989 we built a small temple and discussed which murti to install. Some wanted a candle only. Some said lots of figures suggesting Buddha, Babaji, and Haidakhandeswari. There were difficulties between us deciding. Then one day I received a message that a parcel had arrived for us from India in Denver. So I drove to Denver in my small car and to my astonishment I found two large life size crates ! They contained a beautiful life-size murti of Haidakhandeswari, and in the other one a large lotus on which she would sit. Later I met Muniraji in India and asked him who decided the murti should be Mother and not Babaji? Muniraji replied: ‘I do not understand your question’.  But later he said to me quietly ‘Ramloti, no one decided, Mother decided.’



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