First Christmas in Herakhan by Elisabeth from Berlin

“I am only a mirror in which you can see yourself.”

In December & January 1981/82 my husband Ramananda and I visited Shri Babaji in Herakhan. These three weeks were an unforgettable highlight of my life right up to today. This is what I wish to share with you. Herakhan was filled with Babaji’s divine presence. I was wrapped up in this presence day and night when I was doing Karma Yoga and especially in the temple. Babaji created many situations for me that shed a new light of consciousness on several parts of my personality. Step by step I was able to let go of things, and I was getting more and more familiar with the mantra Om Namah Shivay.

Up to that point in my life I didn’t know much about spiritual masters, and the meaning of mantras, etc. I was learning something new every day. Every time I made pranam in the temple I was getting more conscious about the importance of letting go of all my secret thoughts and wishes. In that very moment when I was bowing to Babaji he always ‘showed’ me these secret wishes. One of the most important aspects of his teaching was to show me – inside, without speaking to me – that I was welcome to bow in front him, but at the same time I was being asked to connect with the most High. It was as if he did not want any cult around his person. Every time I wanted something from him for myself he simply ignored me, but if I succeeded in connecting with the ‘Highest’ while doing pranam, he smiled at me when he gave me prasad. Every morning and evening, every pranam, he was a clear mirror. So he was giving me the clearest of signs to connect to the ‘source of all creation’. This teaching still has a very strong impact on my life today.

So my experiences in Herakhan are still with me today. I am deeply grateful for these presents full of mercy!

By Elisabeth from Berlin (Haidakhandi Spiritual Unity Center, founded 1983).

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