Encounters with Babaji (Family Lal)

Encounters with Babaji


In 1974, the Lal family heard a rumour that a Shiva avatar had appeared in the form of Sri Haidakhan Wale Baba, also known simply as ‘Babaji’.

Dr. Lal did not give much credence to this claim until one of his friends told him about a very holy book about Shiva coming as Sri Haidakhan Wale Baba and that this Babaji might be the same Babaji he and his wife had met before on Dronagiri mountain.    At the time Sri Babaji was in Mathura, so the Lals drove off to meet Him. But to their disappointment, this Baba looked nothing like the old Babaji they had met before. This one was a youth of twenty or so, healthy and very strong and not at all like traditional pictures of Lord Shiva either. So, they decided to test this young man: Vimla Lal bowed down and asked Him:  “Baba, have you ever been to Dronagiri?”   His response was: “Did YOU go there?” “Don’t you know about it”, she asked, testing Him. “Yes, of course I do”, Sri Babaji replied.   He then asked Dr. Lal: “When will you go there again?” And Mrs. Lal pressed again: “Baba, when will YOU go there?”   And then He replied using the same words He used when they met Him at Dronagiri mountain:

“My child, whenever you go there with great devotion and faith, I will be there.”     This convinced Mrs. Lal.


Sri Babaji then turned to Dr. Lal: “Doctor, last time at Dronagiri I was with you only three hours and now I will be with you for three days.” Dr. Lal was convinced, and he had never told this Baba about his profession.


Late in 1975 Sri Babaji rode to Haldwani with the Lals and Vimla’s sister. When they drove past the village of Garam Pani, Sri Babaji pointed down to the riverbed and said: “Down there is a cave in which I meditated for more than one hundred years.”   Dr. Lal blurted out: “Baba! One hundred years?!” Sri Babaji said: “You are surprised because you don’t think I am that old?” Vimla asked Sri Babaji if He had meditated there as Lord Shiva Himself and her sister asked: “Is Shiv adi ?” (adi = the beginning of everything, Adi Purusha, the origin of everything). Sri Babaji answered: “No, Shiva is anadi” (anadi = without beginning). He added that He might look young, but you cannot imagine how old He really is. He concluded: “Don’t go by appearances.” A story from “I am Harmony”

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