Babaji in daily family life by Nan Singh from Australia

In 1977 I was living in Haidakhan with Shri Babaji. At the end of the year I returned to London and later, in 1979, I met my wife who was from Australia. I told her that I wanted to see Babaji again. She also wanted to meet Baba: we felt that if we were to be together we should seek Baba’s blessing on our union.


Once again I came into His presence, and we lived in Haidakhan for some months. Having received His Blessings we came to Australia, but within two months we discovered that Bhuri was pregnant with Twins! We had little money and now a family on the way so all thoughts of a quick return to India disappeared. When the twins were born I sent their photos to Baba and asked “Would he please name them?” After sending the photos I received a strong letter from my father in England saying that if I gave the twins Indian names he would never forgive me. Duly the photos arrived back from India, Baba gave the twin boys the names Herbert and Martin!


With no thought of being able to return soon to India we opened a small whole food store. In the middle of the store was a big picture of Babaji and our customers often asked who it was ? In 1984 the first meeting of what would later become the Australian Samaj was held in our home in Melbourne by which time we had a dedicated puja room in the house, which people visited each week. In 1986 our third son was born (my father had mellowed a little by then) so Shri Muniraji named him Govind. When Govind was about 18 months old we awoke one night to find he had disappeared – we found him sitting cross legged and upright in front of Baba’s shrine where a light was kept burning 24 hours a day.


Eventually we moved to the countryside where we live today and where Shri Munirajji visited in 1991. Now we have a temple in the forest on the property (Shri Muniraj named this temple Shri Maha Deva Dham Mandir and he activated our murtis here of Shri Maha Dev and Shri Batuk Bhairav). Many people have come for darshan of the murtis and to attend fire ceremonies at the dhuni.   When I go to the houses of our sons I see pictures of Shri Babaji, when I look at the wrists of not only my sons but also my daughter-in-law, they wear Om Namaha Shivaya bracelets. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law keep photos of Baba and talk to him. Recently a friend of my mother-in-law was having the experience of objects banging in the night and things moving around in the house. My mother-in-law gave her a picture of Babaji and told her to put it in the house. From that moment all the disturbances ceased.


In 2015 my brother and my sister from England visited us separately, both expressed an interest in coming to the haven and both were deeply touched. Govind now lives in London and before coming home for Christmas said to me on Skype: “Dad can we make sure we do a havan together when I’m home”. Our grandson regularly travels with me on car journeys and every trip begins with a loud chorus in unison of “Bhole Baba Ki Jai !” and, “Om Narayan !”


So if you have had the patience to read this far, what does all this mean for our experience of Babaji in our daily life ? He is a part of our lives, always somehow present, never too far away, frequently in our conversations and the guiding light for the whole family. Does this mean we don’t experience all the stresses, difficulties and sometimes frictions of family and individual lives? Of course not. Our weaknesses, illusions, desires, fears and frailties are as strong as anyone’s, but beyond that when we care to look – there is this loving light burning in our midst sometimes we experience it strong and clear, and other times it’s harder for us to see, but it is always burning.

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