By the time this Journal has been published, the Dutch Bhakti Festival will have danced its way into everyone’s hearts. Well done Sada Shiva Dham. We hope your fundraising auction was equally bountiful.






The German Samaj organises a monthly yagya, regular kirtan and yoga retreats – in addition to the regular festivals.

The German Board has now changed:

  • The Chairman is now Balbir Singh/Walter,
  • vice-chairman Govindi/Gabriele,
  • Treasurer is Randhir Singh/Thomas,
  • Secretary is Madhuri/Margaret and
  • Committee member is Ishvar Chand.





by Arman

After Shri Muniraj’s blessed us with his light visit to Russia in 2011 a dark period came. It became darker with his samadhi. Now after many years it seems that rays of hope for progress are rising again. We assembled for a Samaj election on 27th May 2018. Seventeen people volunteered to be on the Samaj board (required by Russian law). An Executive Committee was elected comprising: Arman, Aradhana, Basuda, Tularam, Jay Shree and Tara and Annapurna was elected as Chairwoman. Alokji, Pujari and Raghuvir are on an Advisory Board.


The next important step will be the registration of the Samaj with the Russian government. This was named as a priority by Shri Muniraj on his last trip abroad to Moscow when he celebrated Guru Purnima with us. The old Samaj which was never registered is going to hand over the reins to this new active inspired group of devotees. We want to amplify Babaji’s message in Russia. The first step of our work will be to transfer Hairdakhandi Love centre in Zaluchnoe under the name of Samaj (at present it is registered under the name of Arman). We hope other centres will catch on and create a unified group of Babaji devotees.





by Pujari and Anjani

We had a Wonderful first Havan on this last June’s full moon and Kabir Jayanti. We had some great help from some devotees from Holland and Perm and the house and territory is getting more and more ready every day and starts to function as a Babaji Home for friends and devotees. We are getting ready to host our friends from Russia and around the world and let’s see where this devotional adventure will take us. Annapurna and devotees are active at the moment to register the Russian Moscow Samaj and opening a new website. In August we will be in Holland for the Bhakti Festival and Havan Training. You can reach us at:

Thank you all for your Love and support for our Russian Adventure.


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