HI-Journal 17

In these many past Journals we have tended to have a multitude of personal, mystical experiences with Babaji. A more inspiring testimony of ‘Babaji’ may now involve writing more about what we do with it in the world today.  That’s why we call the title of this Edition ‘Babaji Today’. Of course we should not reject stories of being with Babaji in the past, as they can inspire us and open our hearts to Him. But we also hear that they can alienate some people who had little or no experience of Babaji in body, and so feel less privileged, just as the VIP elitism at festivals alienates many. As Kharku writes: ‘Babaji teaches us to actively move into the future not live in the past.’ What counts is how we translate our current sadhana and our Navaratri and Gurupurnima experiences into our daily lives, the service we gift to others and the planet.

We are trying to redress the balance that up to now the journal has carried more of a Western than an Indian flavour. But it’s difficult as the editors live in the West and inevitably come with that cultural overlay. That is one of the reasons that in 2019 we are handing over the editorship hopefully to Mukundi, she’s French but spends a lot of her time in Haidakhan. She has created and maintained the Journal website: hi-journal.com and the Jai HO website: www.jai-ho.org. She is a natural designer and is eager to take over the editorship.   Rob will support her throughout the transition period and hopefully beyond. Rob and Gaby have been editors (with our retro-Word programming!) since the Journal’s inception at a big meeting in Schweibenalp Gurupurnima in 2009. (10 years means ‘completion’). We all now need a new journal style or newsletter, new themes or no theme, a new format. (There will be one more in this style – Summer 2018).

The Haidakhandi International Journal (HIJ) is edited and published by Rob and Gaby in Oxford and supported by Jai HO and the Editorial Advisory Board of Alok, Sanjeev, Raghuvir, Gayatridevi, Lok Nath, and Kharku.   Publication is on the websites: hi-journal.com/ and www.haidakhandisamaj.org. We often need to edit information sent to us for the purpose of shortening the length of articles or improving written English or presentation.
Please contact the Editors on info@oxford-transpersonal.co.uk

Journal 18 will be published in August 2018 on a new theme to be suggested. Please send your country news, articles & letters

by July 31st 2018


This Journal is printed in India by the Haidakhandi Samaj.


Babaji Today

Interviews of people who are translating their experience with Babaji into their daily life today.  

Global Innovators

News from India

News from Around the World

The Health Page – by Jamunadevi (Karina Stewart)



Letters (Ramloti, Lok Nath, Nyla, Kharku, Rosie/Geeta)

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