Ross Jackson of the Global Ecovillage Network

by Sundar


Over the last 10 years The Center of Unity Schweibenalp began to translate the timeless Ashram language into a language of the New Age.   In particular we inaugurated Green Phoenix here to help in the seeding of new cultures for mankind; to evolve a platform for system change; and to network with other communities dedicated to transformative social behaviour models and transformative technology.


We soon entered deeper into the community networks of Europe and the rest of the world. We came into contact with the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) – a twenty year old network of communities creating new attitudes to ecology, economy, community, and a culture of greater conscious awareness.  We attended annual conferences, became a member, and then had the honour of hosting the 2013 world conference.   Then in 2015 at the jubilee conference of GEN at Findhorn, Scotland, I met many of the founders of GEN who came to the celebration.   The main founders were Hildur and Ross Jackson who not only were the spirit behind the idea but who had also given huge funds in order to start and maintain that movement.  Still today Ross, a very successful businessman and spiritual seeker, is the main financial support of GEN.
When we met in Findhorn I told him also about Schweibenalp and Babaji our Initiator and inspiration. He listened interested and then told me the following story:     In the early 1980’s Ross was on a spiritual search visiting many different teachers worldwide and also in India. He had visited Swami Muktananda.   While in Bombay he heard about the opportunity to have Darshan from Herakhan Babaji, who was reported to be Yogananda’s Sadguru.  He was very excited and went to a devotee’s private house where he met Babaji for Chandan and Darshan. The whole meeting was just a few hours. He himself says that this meeting changed him profoundly and he thinks was the starting point for his creating Global Ecovillage Network. His wife, who wasn’t with him then, told me he was gone for six weeks.   After that Darshan he returned home never again the same. For me that sounds very plausible. Amongst the ecovillages there are many spiritual communities and several stemming from Babaji: such

as Ananda in Italy which had its roots in Swami Kryaananda a disciple of Sri Yogananda; and also Babaji’s ashram in Estonia etc.  GEN is also a typical Karma yogi gathering point; life in communities tends to ask for endless Karmayoga.   Last year Ross came for the first time to Schweibenalp and was very touched by Babaji’s presence in the temple and kutir. He said that now he understood much better what had happened to him in 1982 in Bombay meeting Babaji, and how it turned around his entire life.

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