ITALY – Closure of Cisternino

Closure of Cisternino Ashram

The Bhole Baba Foundation (FBB) and the Italian Samaj (HSI) regret to inform you that the Bhole Baba Centre, known to all as the Ashram of Cisternino, has closed for an indefinite period. Since Munirajji’s Samadhi we have been missing the guide that for years has shown us the direction to follow. This started a period of great confusion, which led us to this extreme measure which is necessary, however much we regret doing this. However we are confident that together the FBB and HSI and some interested people, will find a solution soon.

At this difficult moment the Ashram of Cisternino needs the help of all the brothers and sisters in Babaji in Europe. We need help, and appeal to all young Europeans, who can give their time and their willingness to help us in this change. You are welcome.  We need Karma Yogi/nis willing to commit for a period of time (not just for a few days), to help us give a rebirth to Babaji’s first Ashram built outside India. Anyone interested please write an email to to make arrangements.


L’Herakhandi Samaj Italiano                   La Fondazione Bhole Baba

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  1. Basanti Devi says:

    Om Namaha Shivay Ψ
    The Ashram Bhole Baba of Cisternino is Open!
    Ashram Bhole Baba was the first ashram to exist outside India, and to be open as early as 1979 and is always open to all!
    The Ashram Bhole Baba has an official page which is this:

    Why are you doing this negative publicity to this Ashram? Certainly a closed ashram it makes more noise and is more shocking than an open ashram! But which Ashram had no problems in his past? I hope that you will return the Ashram Bhole Baba to its place of honor as soon as possible.
    Bhole Baba Ki Jai!

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