Inaugurating Babaji’s Kutir at Kamalaya temple in Thailand

Maha Sankranti 2018      

by Kharku


In 2012 Munirajji told me that Babaji would come to Kamalaya. It was so beautiful to hear but almost too much to hope for.  But when Jamuna arrived from USA in December 2017 with Sri Babaji’s Padukhas I became overwhelmed.  I wasn’t prepared to feel His presence like a personal visit, a promise kept, but Om Namaha Shivaya, Sri Sri 1008 Babaji was giving darshan at our home in Bangkok! I wasn’t prepared for the powerful affect of receiving Babaji at home as we became overwhelmed with joy and emotion.  Now I can more fully appreciate how devotees in India feel when Babaji visits their home.  His Presence, His Love and Grace emanating from a pair of his slippers!   The Padukhas then came to our home on Koh Samui blessing our home until the day of the inauguration when I brought him early in the morning and walked with Babaji to the Cave, and visited all the temples and spirit houses at Kamalaya.  I have dreamed of this blessing and cannot truly express the joy I feel, the gratitude and the truth on Munirajji’s words reminding me of the Grace we receive through our devotion to Babaji.


On Sri Munirajji’s last visit to Kamalaya he told me that my seat was at Kamalaya and that Babaji would visit us here and I was to build a Kutir for Babaji, some rooms for devotees and that over time more and more devotees would come to Kamalaya. At that time we were unable  to build  and while singing the morning araati  in September I saw His kutir  right there  beside the temple  as if it was there already, and  we designed and  build it immediately.  During the construction, I began looking for a pair of Babaji’s Padukhas, and Ramloti, bless her heart, offered the extra pair from the Haidakhandeshwari’s temple at Baca, in the USA, which Jamuna hand carried to Thailand. Thank you Ramloti for this tremendous gift.


On the 14th of January 2018 the inauguration was led by Sri Vinodh Achariya, assisted by Maarten Baba who came from Holland to share his love and devotion with us. And Durga Dass and Harisudha are here as Pujaris and also with Ambika who hasn’t travelled since Gopal Hari’s passing.  UK Gayatri had to leave a day earlier. We were a large group and the day passed in bliss: morning abishekam, araati, a large haven and then the inauguration of the Kutir where Babaji is now in residence.


We now keep the kutir open for meditation from early morning till after araati in the evening.  All are welcome at the temple and to have Sri Babaji’s Darshan.   Kamalaya exists as our humble attempt to say thank you for all Babaji has brought into our lives. Many people meet Babaji for the first time at Kamalaya, His presence is felt, they come for araati and feel blessed by Him.   We live in gratitude at the blessing to be able to serve.   Much love from all of us, here.





Kamalaya Friends selfie

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