Holland – Bhakti Festival 16-19 August and a Havan training

Sada Shiva Dham announces a new Bhole Baba Bhakti Festival

From 4 pm Thursday 16th August to 3 pm Sunday 19th August.

Havan, Aarti, and lots of kirtan. International kirtan players; satsang of shared experiences and insights from the heart; and Yoga workshops.   Fundraising for a charity is also part of this Kirtan Bhakti festival, and the last festival money was raised for Babaji’s Eye Clinic in India.   This time we have chosen a goal closer to home: for the development of sustainable energy at the ashram: solar panels and solar collectors.   All are welcome !

See website www.babaji.nl for more details and registration.


Havan training

We are also preparing a Havan training from Tuesday 22nd August to Friday 24th August. Maarten Baba and Pujari will be training how to perform a simple havan at home. In due time you will find more information on our website babaji.nl. To join us contact: sadashivadham@gmail.com   or    http://www.babaji.nl/en/contact-2/

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