Moscow: After a few years break we celebrated GuruPurnima 2017 in Moscow and have restarted weekly Aarti there. We are continuing to research the best way to register our organisation in Moscow. Dhuni land (6o km from city, next to recreation resort area) was offered for the purposes of Baba’s Russian Sangha.


Okunevo, Omsk: We celebrated our Siberian summer Navaratri at the end of July, where it was the 25th Anniversary of the first ashram of Sri Babaji in Russia.   New buildings were finished this year: we now have 5 two-floor houses, a Babaji kutir, summer kirtan-hall, Havankund, and garden. The ashram can host around l00 devotees. River Tara is nearby. The Omkar Shiva Dham is the only registered organisation in Russia for now. There was a general meeting here which was the first for many years. We are arranging for GuruPurnima in Moscow 2018, the establishment of a Shiva Mandir, and an international Navaratri in OMSK.


Surgut (Siberia). There is an active Babaji group in Surgat.


PERM (Urals): We had a general meeting and havan. 100sq. meter of land (14 km from the city) was donated by the owner of the ski resort, for the purpose of Sri Babaji ashram in PERM (Urals). A further 300 sq. m. have been set aside for the ashram to purchase if possible. Nearby is the river Kama. There is a raised open house for a big Dhuni. The fence has been erected; a garden started and tree planting. A young pujari has just completed the Havan-course in Anand Puri ashram (Chilianaula). There are also two houses in Molebka (Perm region, Urals) 280 km from the city, which are donated for the setting up of a Babaji ashram. This place is famous the world over. There is weekly aarti in Perm and a dhuni.


From Pujari and Anjani – Drozhzhino: Slowly our house is coming to completion. We were able to add a guest-wing and a guest-room, so the house can also function as a Babaji Center in the near future. A foundation for an outside Dhuni is built and this April some devotees will come to help complete the Dhuni. After this long building period we are looking forward to be of more service to the Babaji community here in Russia.

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