Gora Devi



by Gayatridevi USA

It is with infinite gratitude and a bursting heart that I share the news that Gaura Devi has finally left her body at around 6am in Milan on February 16th, the same day that 34 years ago Babaji’s Body was buried!   Such incredible timing is an unspeakably beautiful gift; because now we have no doubt that she is finally at peace in the vast arms of her Beloved! Babaji had promised her liberation in this lifetime, and she passed at dawn which the Buddhists say only happens when you are done with reincarnating! I’m so filled with joy and gratitude for her that it’s beyond words! She suffered for years with Parkinson’s Disease and now she is free!

Thank you Baba!  Such a blessed life! ❤️

Alok Banerjee, Haidakhandi Samaj writes:

Babaji has relieved her of the immense suffering she went through in the latter part of her life. Babaji was her life and she lived for Him. We will remember Gaura Devi always as a true example of how a devotee should serve her Guru.   On behalf of the Haidakhandi Samaj, I offer our heartfelt condolences and pray to Mahaprabhuji to bestow eternal peace to the departed soul.  Dear Gaura Devi we will miss you immensely.


Gora and Babaji - 1

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