Farewell to Ram Piyari

by Annapurna



Everybody in the Babaji community knew my mother Ram Pyari. On the 7th day of Ashwin Navaratri she danced at the front of the Temple in Chilianaula. She touched her head on the assan of Babaji.   I was told she left her body right there and then.


She arrived first in Herakhan in 1996. She was not Babaji’s devotee at that time but simply decided to follow me because she was afraid that I was taken in by some Indian sect !  But she liked it there, but she suffered from cancer and Muniraji told her she should come to India for a year and take an ayurvedic treatment. She returned to Chiliyanoula. She was a dentist by profession and she offered her services to the community in the hospitals at Chiliyanoula and Herakhan for a long time.   She also attended the expeditions of the hospital into distant rural areas and performed grassroots treatments and gave relief to the local people some of whom had never even seen a dentist.


She is perhaps best known for her love of dancing. She did not quite have the body or age of a ballerina ! But she was none-the-less able to dance like one, with her solid shape and posture. Dancing in front of Babaji’s assan, in front of Shri Muniraj and all the devotees, she was often able to amaze as well as create laughter, while she herself was in bliss. Being her daughter, I too often felt embraced a bit by this bliss. Now that I am looking back, I think that it was her dancing that was her sadhana. One day, around 20 years ago when she was doing pranaam to Muniraji, he told her “first you dance after prasad” and she began to dance in front of Babaji’s assan. This happened again and again but sometimes when she felt not so well she would say: “No Muniraji, I feel a pain in my knees”, but he would repeat his instruction and she would start to dance once again.


In the last years my mother was facing some serious physical problems and taking lots of medicines to slow this process. She also needed a severe diet, but these restrictions did not suit the free spirit that my mother was. A few weeks ago she expressed her strong desire to go to India. Because of some family situations it was not really the best time for her to leave. She told us that she was afraid that she would perhaps not be able to travel in the future and really wanted to go this time. We all supported her and she left.


From those who were there I have heard that on the 7th day of Navaratri she danced both at the front and the back of the temple during evening aarti. She said to somebody “If the next bhajan is nice I will go once more to the front.” She was happy and in a great spirit. It was a great bhajan “Shi Guru Mangalam” and she danced ecstatically for several minutes in front of Babaji’s assan.  All of a sudden she stopped, stood facing the people for a second or two, dropped into a sitting position and then dropped backwards in prostration to Babaji’s assan and padukas. I was told that that she left her body, right there and then, at this sacred moment. I was also heard that many who were present said that they would like to leave their bodies like this. Many said that she must have been a special soul to leave her body in this way and that now she is dancing happily with Babaji. It all seems like a great blessing; but for her husband Bushan, my brother Aditya and myself, her sudden departure is a painful and big shock.   She was a prominent presence in each of our lives and she will be missed dearly.  Rampiyari

We would like to thank the Haidakhandi Samaj, in particular Sanjeev Sarna, Basuda, Dr Arvind Lal, Kanta, Prathiba, Lakshmi, Devi, Anju, Anand and all the others who facilitated and supported her in the last rites and all the bureaucratic matters. We are deeply grateful for all this. Knowing she is with Babaji, and as we have received so much love and kind wishes from all over the world, this is a big consolation for us.

Thank you. Bhole Baba ki Jai !



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