Interview with Sundar Baba

Who are you and what is happening in your life ? Sundar-20-KB

I am Babaji’s devotee and God/Goddess’s child and co-creator. This life time has been extraordinarily blessed. Born into a cultured, liberal and loving, post-holocaust Jewish family in Switzerland I was able to do a lot of studying and experimenting in my younger years. I became a medical doctor and humanistic psychotherapist and studied Yoga, Kabala and Buddhist meditation etc.     I was able to spend quite some time around Babaji between 1979 and 1984. He commissioned me to create a centre and ashram in Switzerland at Schweibenalp, where I once again live and work, and where I do lots of networking.  I now have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. What a blessing !  I am now 70 years of age and in the middle of a big personal transformation, which astrologers had already told me would last for 3 years, around my 70th birthday. This seems to be about a struggle toward self-realisation through letting go, and being concentrated on the inner world and following the heart’s desires.  It’s about man and woman and about many illusions; hopefully all the things I will not take with me on my last journey.


How are you translating your experience with Babaji into your daily life ?    As Babaji has been with me since 1982 he has become me or I him, or he is the alter ego.  So he is in my daily life through miracles and Lilas and challenges. By being focused on HIM, HE is present. That’s the blessing of living in Darshan with Babaji.


Babaji’s message to the world was to learn to love each other. Do you have an inspiring story or something to say about this ?

Babaji loves everyone. Shiva loves without differentiation but behaves different to each of us as each has to learn different lessons.
The aim of the game is unconditional love. That’s a hard one. It only works when we really are rooted in our love to God/Goddess and to ourselves as ‘nobody’. And this is so, in as much as we do not depend, wish, long for, etc…… which means overcoming hormonal, karmic and life traumatic events which are making us react.  It means to be a Buddha: an awakened one without attachments and full of compassion.   That’s a difficult thing to be.   It’s about loving each other on the highest level. There’s still a lot of learning for me too. I think I can love almost everyone but I am still partial and prefer Devas to Asuras, and my beloved ones, family and close friends, to strangers who have no obvious spiritual vibration.   Loving each other as Family, our spiritual family and friends, is again a less high achievement. It’s beautiful to share a similar inner and outer awareness and feel connected through this, but the tests come when differences appear or when we have to look at the shadows in ourselves, another or our sangha. What then does loving each other mean?   Our creator is really testing us by creating us all as a oneness and yet each of us utterly unique and different.

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