Interview with Ram Dass

by Raghuvir JD_young

Ram Dass was a yogi who together with Hargovind took care of the Maha Shakti Duni from the very start.  In those day he was named Kartar Giri Baba.


Please introduce yourself, who are you and what is happening in your life?



How are you translating your experience with Babaji into your daily life ?

I sleep a lot.


What do you do with how Babaji has enriched your life ?

 I make a lot of pretty pictures.


How do you experience Babaji in your daily life.

When I wake up in the morning and I feel my body aches, and also the need comes to move my bowels, I say: ‘Oh my God !’


This is how you experience Him in your pain ?

That’s how it begins.


Babaji’s message for Humanity was to learn to love each other. Do you have an inspiring story to share bout this ? How you are doing this in your daily life.
Do you want the truth? Before I left India, after the years with Babaji, I had been following a number of spiritual practices He had given me to perform, in and by the river throughout the night. After doing them for some time, I noticed that “my” perception was changing.   Eventually it was necessary for me to leave India, and I went back to the United States hoping to be a person who could inspire people through being a good devotee living in an ashram. However, living back in the US, I saw what being a yogi or Babaji devotee might mean for people living there, versus what it might mean for someone who had lived a long time in India.   Although the changes of perception that I experienced in India continued in the USA, I gradually realised I was experiencing reality very differently from the people around me, and  that it would be inappropriate to compare their reality and values with mine.

It seemed best for me to put that energy to use lovingly, expressing the value and healing power of living with and in nature.   Any unusual powers that had developed, I was going to cash in and use to photograph, present and express my gratitude for this life and the beauty of this world.

I have been doing that ever since. My greatest personal joy, after 30 years of photography, is that I have been able to spend a good portion of my life doing something that I really enjoy, that meant so much to me and that I use to share love with other people. I feel incredibly grateful that I have realised this and what a blessing it is to be able to say that.
After all is said and done, there is, actually, one “power” that has always stayed with me – especially when “I” frame a really great scene in the viewfinder.  As the scene comes into focus, there is a distinct sensation that another set of eyes overcomes “my” vision and makes the final capture…!

To see the pictures :




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