Interview with Dr Vandana Lal

Who are you and what is happening in your life ?

I am a Pathologist by training and an old devotee of Babaji since 1979. I have started an initiative for the upliftment of the girl child called “Baba Haidakhan Girl Child Project”. Through this project, I have ventured into education, personal hygiene, safe environment, marriage and promoting health of the girls in the impoverished regions of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh & Bihar.  Gradually this plan will cover the whole of India.


How are you translating your experience with Babaji into your daily life ? 

I have inculcated the practice of Japayoga & Karmayoga into my daily routine. I am trying to lead my life with simplicity, compassion for others and with honesty. Being human, I fail at times but I do try to bring my focus back onto Babaji’s teachings. Charity is the best way to show your love for fellow human beings, especially those in need. Babaji promoted charity in a big way. He always conveyed to his devotees that “Your greatness comes from not what you have, but from what you give”.


How do you experience Babaji in your daily life ?

With the grace of Babaji, I feel subtle changes in my personality which I hope make me a better person. I am learning to respond to situations rather than react. I thank Babaji constantly for making me a part of His space which is so vast and all encompassing.


Babaji’s message to the world was to learn to love each other. Do you have an inspiring story or something to say about this ?

As per Babaji, we are all part of the same consciousness. Reality is common to all; only false is personal. The biggest problem with all of us is controlling our egos and working in harmony with each other. Learning to tolerate and ignore irritating personality traits, definitely promotes love for one another.  It is easy to put into words but actual practice requires monumental effort.

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