Anandpuri Ashram, Chilianaula – Temple Repair 2017

Anandpuri Ashram, Chilianaula – Temple Repair

by Vijay Bhatiani


For the last 3 years the temple at Chilianaula has been facing the challenge of water seepage, as a result water drops keep falling inside the temple in a number of places. We have been exploring the solution with various experts and contractors.   It was discovered: that the marble tiles installed 5 years ago were 16 mm thick, whereas the originals used during Babaji’s time in the 1980’s were 25 mm thick; that the later ones were not installed properly; and the ventilation which existed before had been closed during the later repairs.   So after elaborate discussion with various experts, the old marble tiles have to be taken out first, and after doing appropriate water proofing on the surface, new marble tiles of 25mm thickness would be re-laid in a professional fashion. 6800 square feet of marble needs to be removed, repairs made to the inside structure damaged on account of water seepage and the marble tiles need re-laying, plus there’s the cost of the shuttering framework.


To get good quality marble at the minimum price we approached Shri Lal Chand Kataria former Union Minister of Government of India, a Babaji devotee.  In spite of his busy schedule he very kindly joined us to visit Kishangarh, Asia’s biggest marble market on 22nd of May, 2017. The following people travelled to Kishangarh for this purchase – Shri Vijay Bhatiani, Shri Sanjeev Sarna and Shri Vijay Gupta. Because of the efforts of Shri Lal Chand Kataria we were able to procure good quality marble.   So the total cost of the project will be approximately Rs.20 Lakhs (about $45,000).


I would take this opportunity to request all Babaji devotees to generously contribute towards this temple repair work. We will purchase the marble as soon as we are able to organize the funds. The repair work would commence after Ashwin Navaratras 2017 – that is from beginning of October, 2017 because of the monsoon season.


You can donate to this Chilianaula temple repair through   or the American Samaj website:  Click on ‘DONATIONS’ at bottom and clearly state on the form where you want your donation to go to where it says: ‘Add special instructions to the seller’.  



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