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The question as to who will lead Babaji Ashrams in the future when older devotees are gone is valid, but it seems like this process is somehow happening already managed by Divine energy. It was interesting for me to hear that there were people who wanted to stay and live in ashrams, but after spending some time there it was clear that ashram life did not really suit them.   Maybe there are some people that do not have an ashram life plan, but they are the ones who will jump in when the time comes. I actually see that the process of the next generation participating in ashrams and spreading the Light is already happening.


Some of this ‘next generation’ are the children of old devotees, while others became devotees and were contacted by Babaji in very mysterious ways. This is an example of how Babaji’s strong presence can manifest, and so the evolution of the next generation is not conditional on the presence of his physical body.   At the same time the Jai HO initiative and similar initiatives such as the Gurupurnima and Bhakti festival gatherings are necessary as well.


So it seems that it is not about whether things are built or destroyed, but rather how we facilitate the changes by doing things in the right way. It’s like Babaji comes ‘from behind’: unexpectedly knocking on the back door while we are standing on the front door of our thoughts wondering how things will evolve.   When a destruction of the old ways comes upon us, it never seems right, but things are just getting destroyed and rebuilt on better ground.


Being around Babaji devotees feels like being among close family members: like a ‘belonging’ in simplicity and love, and feeling supported in growing, having new ideas and good life values.


I see Babaji as the leading Light that shows me how to overcome my obstacles from the inside and free myself of everything that is not essentially me. It is the force that leads me to places and projects where I can express my Inner light and help others do the same.   I talk to people about Babaji as teacher, as a manifestation of the divine, and as the force that is supporting us to go through tough changes on our planet. Many times I do not mention Babaji by name. Sometimes it is just about doing the right thing in life.   Belonging to the Babaji Community supports my spiritual path and work in the world.


How can the Babaji community evolve ?

– More active and systematic spiritual-social networking      activities (by Jai HO and other projects).  Inviting devotees to get    more into blogging, social networking of Babaji teachings.

– Editing and translating books about Babaji.

– Leading a weekly Haidakhan Aarti.

– The arts are a great way of spreading His teachings, like music,         painting, sculpture etc.

– Working in our local communities: helping people around us,    and our family, by loving and supporting them.

– Organizing meditation gatherings, spiritual lectures, and inviting     people to Babaji’s Ashrams to experience silence and peace.


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