Roksana from the Bulgarian Ashram


As a member of the ‘next generation’ I highly appreciate this opportunity to contribute my voice to the Haidhakandi family, and the efforts of the community to involve young people.



As elders contribute wisdom, patience and compassion, youth brings in new ideas, enthusiasm and inspired action. Both must listen to and respect each other in order to move forward in unity.


From the experience with young people who visit us, I see that conscious young people are interested in expanding their inner horizons, growing into love and consciousness and becoming sovereign and empowered human beings. There is interest in eco-building, permaculture, learning new practical skills, simple and deep contact with nature and her rhythms, as well as a down to earth spirituality based on community values and mutual growth and support. To attract more of the younger generation into the community we should try to provide a holistic experience with practical skills, space for learning and initiative as well as devotional activities, and then allow them the space to connect with Babaji if they choose to.   Even if their hearts are really longing to experience the sweet nectar of devotion and Babaji/God’s grace, such as through kirtan and araati, these things will not attract them as much as learning about permaculture or experiencing community living. I would also suggest meeting with Amma’s (AUYDH) youth, to participate and learn from their wonderful events, activities and programs for young people.


Recently we had a guest from Australia, a wonderful young woman who came to us after finishing her permaculture studies, interested in hands-on experience. She came through the website and knew there would be spiritual activities, but that wasn’t her main focus. But she so much enjoyed the singing, praying and the peace that came with it, that now after going back home she is looking for a Babaji or Ammaji community which she can get involved in. It is important for us to integrate Babaji’s teachings, make them our reality and simply teach by example.  Please see our website

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