Jai Shankar from USA



answers the following questions:



How has being around Babaji devotees affected you ?

Being around other Babaji devotees enlivens my spirit and makes me so excited! Singing and dancing in Baba’s glory and that of non-duality, the universal energies within all of us makes it so I cannot contain it all. I must shout and dance and clap.


How do you see Babaji and is that a support for you in your life ?

Babaji is the Divine Conductor. Likewise in the art of directing a musical performance, such as an orchestra, the conductor sets the tempo, ensures correct entries by various members of the ensemble, and “shapes” the phrasing where appropriate. Our lives are but time signatures that make up the bars in a sheet of music. At a certain time we each have a part in the divine score and Babaji brings us together and sends us off to do our duties where appropriate. We all are a part of something timeless and forever that breathes in unison, “I AM”.


Do you ever talk to others outside of the Babaji family about Him/His teachings ?

I often talk to my friends and colleagues about Baba’s teachings of living in truth, simplicity & love. I share that doing work with dedication and a focused mind is very liberating and the best way to connect with the divinity within themselves. I tell them that my Guru or teacher is Baba, and that I am a firm believer in the power of words and intentions, and stress that affirmations and mantras are useful tools.


Do you have needs in your life which the Babaji community fulfils ?

I have needs just like any other in this life. When I am surrounded by my Family in Baba, it’s like I can finally let down these walls I spent so long learning how to erect when living my worldly duties. I can breath and I don’t care who actually sees me because to be seen by the eyes of God dwelling in each of us is a blessing in itself. This is unconditional love that I experience.   If I go long intervals of not being around this family then I simply tweak the words I use when I express myself to better suite my audience, just as a scientist would when explaining a topic to non scientists.


Any suggestions as to how the Babaji community can evolve ?

To the community as a whole, to my family as a whole: I feel we have spent time individualising ourselves and creating strong beautiful teams and groups in our home countries. It’s fantastic to have this foundation and places for devotion, but we also need to create the space for new ideas and understanding, so that fresh energies can grow from the roots of this foundation. I feel that we need to remember that we are all one, just as we are all one voice when we sing aarati and bhajans together, we are not the Americans, the Indians, the Australians, Italians or Russians… we are Babaji’s Shivites!!   We sing Har Har Mahadev!!!   We are One!!! Evolution is inevitable. It is up to us if there is extinction or a harmonic growth. So let’s continue to learn and grow together and not be stuck stagnant, or time will move on without us.

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