Herbert and Martin from Australia






Nan Singh writes from Australia: ‘We have just interviewed our sons Herbert and Martin regarding the suggested questions……’

How has being around Babaji devotees affected you ?

  1. Not a big impact on me I don’t overly relate to them.
  2. It has exposed us to a diverse range of people from around the globe.


How do you see Babaji and is that a support for you in your life ?

  1. A figure for spirituality and yes he is a support for me in my life.
  2. Completely separate and distinct figure to my experience of the Samaj, and yes He is a support for me in my life.


Do you ever talk to others outside of the Babaji family about Him/His teachings

  1. Yes but I don’t elaborate.
  2. Yes particularly to people of a similar age and similar upbringing.


Do you have needs in your life which the Babaji community fulfils ?

  1. No
  2. No


Any suggestions as to how the Babaji community can evolve ?

  1. I think it lacks a centralised leadership structure and formal decision making process. Babaji didn’t tell people what they wanted to hear; instead he told them what they needed to hear. I think people are too busy trying to not hurt other’s feelings rather than making strong decisions for the future, e.g. future pujaris (especially people with a good coconut arm and a strong swaha). I wonder why it has got so far from what Babaji was teaching ?


  1. Both Babaji and Muniraj were the flame and all others, the moths. You are flameless now so you need to re-establish a true commitment to what Babaji and Muniraj represented. You need to make a contingency in yourselves for when such a figure/person re-emerges.
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