Helga from Sweden



I am not a very dedicated devotee, though I am inspired and empowered by Babaji and his message.




The ceremonies and the community-life have been such a natural part of my childhood. I never really was ‘initiated’ into the teachings, and it was never something I had to take part in, so I just embraced what I liked. As a child I loved to be surrounded by all the people coming to the ashram, I enjoyed the energy during the aarati, and the bhajans in the Dhuni. I felt community and fellowship. Whatever it all meant was never really important to me, it was much more about the feeling. Though I enjoyed listening to Babaji-stories and myths about Indian gods etc.


How has being around Babaji devotees affected you ?

I would probably not have been as spiritual as I am now. I’ve met a lot of different people, because the people that come to the Ashram have not only been inspired by Babaji but also by other traditions. It attracts very special and unique people. This has helped me get used to being around very different people and social situations from an early age. I am still a very social person and I tend to live among a variety of people wherever I go.


How do you see Babaji and is that a support for you in your life ?

Babaji for me was always a funny, cool man from India that my parents looked up to. I didn’t get the Avatar-thing when I was little, but now that I heard more about the tradition I understand that Babaji is bigger than that body. But mostly I still think of him as the incarnation that I’ve heard about. And I am inspired by his teachings: truth, love and simplicity make a lot of sense, as well as Karma Yoga. Sometimes when I feel very anxious or sad I try to think of the teachings and sometimes that is a good support.



Do you ever talk to others outside of the Babaji family about Him/His teachings ?

Yes, but I choose wisely who I talk to about it, since it is a precious part of my life, and also since it is pretty different compared to others people’s lives and could easily be mistaken and judged by people who don’t really have an idea about it. So normally I talk about it with friends who I know are empathic, and if necessary with others. I don’t go into details.


Do you have needs in your life which the Babaji community fulfils ?

My need of connection with the higher consciousness/universe/my heart, to sum it up, my spiritual need is mainly fulfilled by going to the Aarati in the Ashram. My need of being a part of a community, and my need of being seen and loved are partly fulfilled by being a part of the Babaji community.


Any suggestions as to how the Babaji community can evolve ?

I don’t know, maybe for everyone to invite people, no matter what their religious background etc, to take part in the ceremonies.

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