News from the Secretary of the Haidakhandi Samaj, Shri Sanjeev Sarna:


Largely, it is business as usual both at the Samaj and the hospitals.  There are two major projects that the Samaj is managing right now; the construction of a new building at Haidakhan Ashram and the repair work to the Temple at Chilianaula. The construction of the new building at Haidakhan is in full swing; it will have ten rooms and two large dormitories. Construction is being funded by devotees and the purpose is to further accommodate large numbers of devotees converging around Navaratras.




With regards to the temple repair work at Ranikhet we are going through the process of finding the right contractor at the right cost. And there are no easy solutions to this challenge.


In early December 2016 Shri Babaji’s Padukas visited Ludhiana at Shri Susheel Khanna’s home. As always the grand celebrations were well organised, and the three days kept the Babaji devotees enthralled.  After Ludhiana the padukas were transferred to Smt Kirti and Commodore Prem Chand’s residence at Delhi. The celebrations were enriched by the presence of Pujari & Anjani and Raghuvir. It was a beautifully organised festival and the reverberations of Babaji’s presence energised us all.

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